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Anxiety Breakthrough
Will Break You Out of Anxiety Prison! 

Download excerpts from Peg Haust-Arliss' New Book
Anxiety Breakthrough, Breakout of Fear, Breakthrough to Freedom
Hear Peg's own story of panic and anxiety and discover the same keys she used to breakthrough to freedom!
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  • STOPPED IN YOUR TRACKS because of panic attacks?
  • FEELING STUCK and caught up in self sabotaging patterns?
  • IS FEAR blocking you from your hopes or dreams? 
  • IS LOW CONFIDENCE making you sit on the sidelines in your life?
  • IS STRESS affecting your health and happiness?






Hello, So glad you found me!

Listen, low self esteem, panic attacks, worry, self doubt and anxiety imprisons you and limits your life. But, you already know that. What you don't know is why you're STUCK and how to BREAK FREE.  I work with people who are determined to breakout of anxiety prison and live their lives as it is meant to be lived; with FREEDOM!

For years, I too struggled with anxiety and panic attacks avoiding simple freedoms that most people take for granted. 

Wasted precious time and missed opportunities.  All because of FEAR.
But, I learned to turn fear into COURAGE and so can you!

Now, a holistic psychotherapist, I will teach and support you using the same tools and strategies that finally worked for me. I offer a unique, and highly effective holistic program.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.     

Rise and Shine! 



"Life is too short AND too long to be stressed out, unhappy and unhealthy! My approach is forward focused, empowering, supportive, down to earth, structured and effective. You hold the key, I help you use it!"




  Dear Peg,
"You not only gave me the tools--you taught me how to apply them. How could I ever thank you enough for showing me how to take control of my life? All of my most heartfelt admiration." RY






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